Holiday’s Blues

Holiday’s Blues,

Holiday Reminders of loved ones lost: Holidays are a time for reflection. All too often your thoughts turn to beloved family members and friends and our  beloved Pets who have passed away. The subsequent sense of loss you feel can spoil even the happiest times of the year…made to be sad.  CHRISTMAS. Making the holidays for those who are alone even harder. They even make this statement   “The first holiday season spent without someone who’s died during the previous year can be very rough”. But what they don’t mention is that first year feelings can last for years lateholiday lostr. In my case.

There are a lot of very good sites to visit when you are feeling down and for me brings a little joy into the holidays……Star Bright Angels is a very wonderful site. They seem to know just what you are feeling and some how post the right  postings on Facebook that makes you think someone cares and understand. Thinking you could really have your Angels watching over you. This web site I fell upon while just trying to see if there is such a thing for this feeling I’m having, I call it the holiday blues. This web site was Last updated December 9, 1999 but still have a lot of good information….Holidays Blues….

Now for the first time in 5 years, since 2010 was the last time my house was decorated for the holidays. So this is my baby steps lots more to go. Trying to heal after losing a major part of my life, My husband. Picture is the front of my home where I still live alone after the death of my husband. No, not doing holiday signa tree. That was Leroy’s job. He’s in a better place waiting for me to join him and enjoy our tree together. Maybe time will heal more and my Angel will guide me into……….

So with that I leave with this one statement……”I Don’t need an angel on top of my tree, I already have one in heaven looking down on me” ♥ ♥ ♥