He Waits for Me

We Are One

That is how we were describe, by everyone who knew us. OK, I know it has been close to 5 years since he passed away but in my heart it still feels like yesterday. Left broken and alone, my grief goes on. Yes I still cry for him, I am still grieving our love was so strong it’s impossible for me to let him go. No One Understands any more. And I now know I will be spending the rest of my life this way. I seen a pin on Pinterest , it is not mine. Must give credit to the person on Pinterest. I received it in my email and it hit me hard. I visit the person Pinterest board and was so impressed by her board. So many pins on her site was saying the right words. You must make the time to pay her a visit. Believe me, you will be captivated by her boards! So visit “Morgan“.

This particularly one really stands out. The words said it all. In the beginning we are all afraid of death. Most, at lease 99% will tell you they don’t want to die. I remember my husband ( Leroy ) and I use to tell each other that they must go first cause living without one or the other was impossible. Our love was strong but it was one and true to the end. The thought of going together would have been better. We did constantly tell each other we did not 323766729400598377_1452287998want to die. Even after 38 years we was still so much in love. We live 24/7 by each other sides. Many people said we had a very special kind of love and we were joined by the hip. We also worked together for the same company in the same department, and we took our breaks together and would leave at the end of the day ( we also worked the same hours ) headed home side by side. So when he passed, it really hit me hard in many ways and mostly I keep to myself because no one or should say most don’t understands. I truly believe three days before he passed, he told me he didn’t want to die. And I told him he wasn’t, we needed so much more time with each other, 24/7 was not enough time for our kind of love. The night of his passing I was down on my knees because he had fallen and I couldn’t move him. He was so heavy and he lodge himself in a doorway half on one side of the door and the other half of his body on the other side and pressed up against the door. Crying for him and waiting for the EMC. I watched him take his last two breaths…..devastated. I believed for a long time, I let him down. I couldn’t save him and he was gone. He’s my Angel and I know he waits for me.

believe in angelsSo today if you would ask me if I was scare to die.

My answer would be NO!

Because I know he is on the other side waiting for me.