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About Me

Me and Mickey               I am now 58 years of age and learning a new way of life. I was married or should I say still married to my life long friend…. my loving husband….Leroy for 36 years. Saying still because even though he is now gone and made peace within himself my life still revolves around him. He passed away on November 3, 2011…A very tragic night in my life that would come to change me in so many ways….I had no idea what was coming. We had a rough start in life with so many ups and down which only made us stronger in the end. We started together, I was 15 and he was 23 and so much in love. We spent the next 39 years together and beat every obstacle life could throw at us. Raising two beautiful daughter who in time married and gain lives of their own. My oldest girl gave us 3 beautiful grandkids, two boys….Thomas – May 25, 1996….Carlyle – April 22, 1999 and one beautiful girl….Kayla – February 12, 2001. I lives was complete and we were at the point of enjoying our lives together when Leroy became sick at the age of 58 suffering from chronic COPD and had to quit work having so many breathing problems. I continue working for a company I had been with since the age 0f 21. Leroy remained at home and unable to do much, he spent most of his time sitting, which later proved to be fatal. More on this story of my life, please visit Leroy’s story where I go into more details of that horrible night.

Now it’s just me and my Pixie-bob Mickey my rock in so many ways. I enjoy spending my time around the house taking care of the yard, living alone in a big 6 bedroom house. Which keeps me busy at times with tending the cleaning and the upkeep of our home. I say our home because we brought this house in 2001 and shared a wonderful 10 years together in it. We didn’t use all the rooms as bedrooms we changed them into rooms to suit of lives. I also enjoy reading all kinds of books, use to do a lot of scrapbooking, playing bingo and watching tv while playing on the computer. Spending time with a few of my friends, not much now because of my depression I fell into after his passing….I like walking around and getting outside enjoying just a walk. Work at a job now with crazy hours which makes my life a little difficult but we all need to work to make a living.

For now this is my story about me, but please keep checking back….sure there will be more to tell……………….Thanks so much