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Thoughts for the Heart

May this candle continues to burn,
for all our loves ones in heaven
and never forgotten.                                                        candle





Do hugs, Spread love.

Respect, don’t judge. Listen more, talk less.

Understand, don’t assume. Forgive and forget.

Remember to always love your loves ones

 like there is no tomorrow

Share all your thoughts of good times and bad

Never take life for granted




Some or should I say most thinks time is the healer of all pain. But that is so not true. For if you had a tragic event in your life accompany by a pain that is so strong, a pain that cuts into your heart like a sharp knife cutting through butter, you would know.  That time doesn’t heal, it’s only words other use when they don’t what to say or how to help you. I know and appreciate the thoughts of others caring and trying to help. But sometimes the words only push the pain deeper with no way of getting out. After 4 yrs. and the words are still told to me, it’s time to get over it and time to move on. But how can I when the pain goes so deep, and the world feels so empty and no one understands. So with this I isolate myself from the world and everyone in it…..♥


give it time